We at ‘The Ministry Of Light’ provide Lighting Design & Consultancy services for the following Application areas:

Interior Lighting

  • Hospitality Lighting
  • Mall Interiors
  • Showrooms/Retail Outlets
  • Call Centres/BPOs
  • Corporate offices
  • Software Development Centres
  • Multiplexes
  • Hospitals
  • Fitness Centres
  • Residential Interiors
  • Museams & Art Galleries
  • Clent Experience Centres
  • Airport Terminal Buildings
  • Indoor Stadiums
  • Human-Centric Lighting
  • Aircraft Interior Lighting
  • Luxury Yatch Lighting
  • Lighting Controls & Lighting Management Systems

Architectural Facade Lighting

  • Commercial Office Buildings
  • Malls
  • Monuments
  • Heritage Structures
  • Hotels
  • Cruise Ships
  • Parliament Houses
  • Secratariat Buildings
  • I.T Buildings
  • Schools
  • Stadiums
  • Residential Towers
  • Green Building Facade Lighting
  • Airport Terminal Buildings

Exterior Lighting

  • Landscape Lighting
  • Developing Lighting Master Plan for Townships
  • Developing Lighting Master Plan for I.T Parks &
  • Business Parks
  • Swimming Pools & Waterbodies
  • Fountain Lighting (Son et Lumiere)
  • StreetLighting/Tunnel Lighting
  • Outdoor Sports Lighting
  • Cricket/Football Stadiums
  • Airport Aprons/Runway & Taxiway Lighting
  • Seaports/Shipping Yards
  • Golf Courses
  • Green Building Landscape Lighting
  • Smart City Lighting Designs

Lighting plays a very important role in deciding the mood and ambience of a given space. Besides, having a huge impact on the aesthetics and functionality of a room, lighting has an impact on the emotional and physiological well-being of a person. A set of luxurious interior furnishings like carpets, wallpapers, floorings and rich decors will defeat the entire look and feel without a proper lighting design. Hence, it is extremely important that proper attention is given to the design and placement of interior lighting in a given space.

Interior Lighting Design is a branch of the interior design that is gaining prominence these days wherein dedicated lighting consultants work with the architectural team to create Architectural lighting. “The Ministry of Light”, with an experience of 15 long years as Seasoned Lighting Consultant, in the field of Light Design consulting and Architectural Lighting Design services that transform your residential/official space or landscape with our impressive Lighting Designs.

We have a team of architects, interior designers and lighting experts that work together to provide you with the best possible Interior lighting design in India. We work together with architects, interior designers right from the conception stage. Thus, we also recommend having lighting consultation from the time layouts are developed so as to get a holistic approach towards the lighting aspect as well. This ensures maximum daylight utility and providing ample design flexibility to allow better lighting ambience at similar costs. We play an active role when designs for spaces are being finalized so that our inputs can be incorporated during the construction stage itself. We provide you with a comprehensive guide of all types of Architectural lighting in India and help you choose the right design that suits your space ( corporate interiors & exteriors, campuses, spiritual exterior and interiors, experience centres, hospitality, hotels, malls etc.), personality and the desired ambience.

We see to it that the lighting designs that we provide are contemporary and try and use a different kind of lights to create a better environment. While we provide designs for Interior Lighting, Exterior Lighting and Architectural Façade Lighting alike, we have been able to identify the evolutionary trends of lighting space and envision the upcoming challenges in fast-changing workspace and lifestyle. Thereby using our insights we devise newer lighting solutions first of its kind. In fact, we are one of the famous lighting designers in India for architectural lighting designs. We understand that good lighting draws attention to the colours, textures, and designs enhancing the way people perceive the architecture. We focus on aesthetics, functionality, and efficiency and create the right blend of lighting and architecture.

All our architectural lighting designs take into consideration the sustainability factor. We strive to provide some of the most energy-efficient lighting designs. We try to minimize the amount of light that is wasted and assuring that the majority of the lights reach the desired target. We try to minimize the use of the harsh, energy-consuming fluorescent lights and focus on using LEDs wherever possible. We have worked with leading builders and corporates to design green buildings that are resource-efficient throughout the building’s life-cycle.

We keep track of the latest innovations in the field of lighting designs and offer you the right kind of designs that make your home look elegant and functional at the same time. We work in tandem with engineers and architects to come up with new product designs that suit the ambience and aesthetics of a house. We strive to design, develop and manufacture products of the highest standard while working closely with clients, architects, and all stakeholders.

We understand that there are some architectural buildings or interiors that look best under natural sunlight. For such buildings, we strive to keep a proper balance between natural light and electric light and try to create a greater impact. We are some of the few lighting designers to have worked with the leading monuments and heritage sites and structures in India as well as abroad. We understand that each heritage site is different and needs sensible lighting that suits the site and highlights the most important factors of the site. The Ministry of Light is known all over the world for its ability to come up with quality lighting designs and consultancy. We have worked with some of the leading Corporates in India like Lupin, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Dabur, Mahindra, Marriott, Adani, Mahindra and Mahindra, Hiranandani Developers and so on. We have worked on providing Architectural Façade Lighting for leading Commercial malls, Cruise Ships, Schools, Airport Terminal Buildings, Stadiums, Hotels, Parliament Houses and so on.

Superior quality, attention to detail, innovative designs, ability to work together with leading architects and builders, qualified professionals, superior customer service, etc are some reasons that make us one of the leading architectural lighting design consultants in India.