Building Facades

Facade: The face of a building. The facade shows the character of a building and makes the boldest statement to demonstrate the architecture. Hence it is important how it appears in the night dark sky or amidst varying degree of neighbouring illumination. It must be designed thoughtfully and must include all the crucial elements. The external appearance of a hotel or restaurant creates a distinct image. The façade of an architecture should be able to highlight the vital features of a structure. A facade should convey a positive aspect of a premise. The professional facade lighting enhances the appearance of a façade and gives it the desired cutting-edge.

Illumania, The Ministry of Light, is a professional in this field. We use a light melange of classic light features and entertainment light features to give your structure an ultra-modern and contemporary appearance. We use an array of colour LEDs, contour lighting, video walls as well as water walls to create a different illusion and give your facade a fascinating display. Turn your building into a landmark with state of the art façade lighting solutions. We use unique lighting solutions, 3D lights, Screens, etc to create a 3D impression and give a creative edge to your building. We believe in creating factions.

We use innovating lighting methods and technology while designing facade lighting that is creative and clutter-breaking. Our unobtrusive and precise facade lighting is sure to make your premise talk of the town and gain recognition too.

Following are the aspects that are given considerable attention by us while designing facade lighting includes:

  1. Using Lightweight Luminaires: We make sure to use low weight exceptional luminaires. The low weight luminaires are easy to handle, easy to install, safe while installations and can be shipped easily as well. The Ministry Of Light uses compact and low weight luminaires that are sleek, high on, The aluminium heat sink designed is not only strong and allows air to flow in both ways. This will increase the heat exchange capability of lights.
  2. Controlled Lighting: We make sure to use sleek lighting for the facade and control the light spillover. Light spillover is controlled with the help of high reflective materials. This helps to control the flow of light and minimize light loss as well.
  3. The Right Combination of Lights: At The Ministry of Light we focus on using the right combination of lights to get the desired results effectively. According to the facade design and dimensions we use LEDs, Halogen, CDM and much more. Everything is given considerable thought while designing facade lighting. The aesthetic appearance and load the facade can bear are some important aspects that are given considerable attention. We use the lens, long lampshade, Baffle and much more to achieve a higher level of accuracy. Various light scattering methods are also given attention to ensure optimum results.
  4. Eco-Friendly Solutions: The Ministry Of Lights makes sure to use eco-friendly facade lighting solutions. We prefer using LED lights and Bulbs instead of Halogen lights as they are less energy-consuming and cost-effective as well.n We use modern lighting technology to create exuberant facade lighting
  5. Quality Assurance: The Ministry of Lights is committed to providing quality facade lighting solutions to its esteemed clients and patrons. Focus is given on the quality, make and performance of our lighting solutions. We use luminaires that are resistant and perfect for creating a formidable outdoor experience.

Our lighting solutions are sure to complement your exterior in the best possible way. The outdoor lighting fixtures we manufacture, are carefully chosen by our experts to meet all your façade objectives optimally. The Ministry of Light strives to provide exceptional lighting solutions. We use an array of colours, materials, and lighting innovations while executing facade lighting.

The Ministry of Light, with all the immense experience in this field, has earned the reputation of the lighting professional and have successfully created landmarks with our exceptionally creative designs for façade lighting. Some of the famous landmarks that we have created include Taj Mahal Palace, Casino Pride, Kanakia Paris, Oneness Temple, American University, Centre Square Mall and much more.