Building Facades

Facade Lighting: The landmarks, buildings and monuments that lie at the heart of a city are the essence of its unique heritage and identity. The right lighting can preserve that at night, showcasing structures and materials and transforming the city into an alluring destination. Somewhere that is a pleasure to spend time in after dark. At night, LED lighting can transform buildings and architectural features, enhancing them in soft white color tones or in dynamic colors to add to the city’s vibrant atmosphere. It rehumanizes urban spaces and makes people feel connected to their environment. And by enriching community life, it instils residents with a real sense of local pride. The Facade of a Building portrays its character during the day and makes an Architectural Statement. Façade Lighting depicts the Architecture of a Building by Night. Hence, it is important how the Facade appears at night under dark sky or amidst varying degree of illumination in its neighborhood. It must be designed thoughtfully and must include all the crucial elements of its Architecture. Professional Facade lighting enhances the appearance of a façade and gives it the desired cutting-edge. 

To understand the different types of Luminaires available in the market and which Luminaires best suit a building façade, it is important to have Lighting Design Consultants on board any such projects. Established in 2004 in Hong Kong, with offices now in Mumbai, Dubai, Delhi & Bangalore, The Ministry of Light is one of the few Architectural Lighting Designers in India specializing in offering innovative lighting solutions. We understand that lighting is subjective and hence work together with clients and architects to come up with creative ideas that bring out the key features of the of the building architecture.
Over the years, The Ministry of Light has become one of the most renowned names in the field of Professional lighting design. We are one of the well-known Façade Lighting Consultants in India, Middle east & Asia-pacific.

By virtue of our customer’s delight, trust and continued support, The Ministry of Light, has emerged as a Leader in Façade Lighting Design and our 15+ Years experience & 300+ projects in the field leaves behind a Grand Legacy. We have earned the reputation of being one of the best Lighting consultants in India, best Lighting consultants in Dubai & best Lighting Consultants in Hong Kong. Some of the famous landmarks that we have created include the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in Mumbai, Taj Rambagh Palace Jaipur, Grand Hyatt Mumbai, Saifee Hospital Mumbai, Casino Pride Goa, Kanakia Paris Mumbai, Oneness Temple Chittoor, American University Iraq, RWITC Mumbai, Adani Corporate House Ahmedabad and much more.