Today's lifestyle shows maximum time spent in the workplace than in houses. Hence it becomes vital to have a workplace designed such that it caters to the general well being of a person. Lighting plays a very critical role here. Ambient brightness and light are known to have a big impact on your emotions and mood. Studies reveal that the interplay of light and space, light and surfaces can enhance your mood and lead to higher productivity. Here is where WELL Lighting standards play a crucial role and our designs abide by WELL standards, CIBSE LG7 and LEED standards for a particular space. We pay special attention to the wellbeing of the occupants, there by design magnificent human centric lighting with ample natural light availability that in return reduces operational costs immensely.

To understand the different kinds of lights available in the market and what kind of lights is suitable for a particular room, you need Lighting Design Consultants. Established in 2004 in Hong Kong, The Ministry of Light is one of the few Architectural Lighting Designers in Mumbai and Consultant firms that specialize in offering innovative lighting solutions for offices. We understand that lighting is subjective and hence works with clients and architects together to come up with creative ideas that bring out the key features of your space and make each corner of your space come alive.

When it comes to designing lighting for offices, we have won various awards in India and abroad. Over the years, we are now one of the most renowned lighting consultants in Bangalore. We have worked together with numerous Information Technology Companies in Bangalore right from conception to selection of luminaries to finally installing the lighting solutions. It is our endeavour to suggest and install the finest possible lighting solution for all application areas. IT offices need different ambience for board rooms, the reception, the cabins, canteens, washrooms, and cubicles. We specialize in offering our consulting solutions for Interior Lighting, Architectural Façade Lighting and Exterior Lighting.

Our knowledge of different kinds of lighting solutions helps us create the right kind of environment in each area of the office. Our superior quality of work, attention to detail, creativity, and superior service has helped us become some of the most sought after Lighting Designers in Bangalore.

We understand Office Lighting like no one. We have a diversified team of qualified professionals specializing in architectural lighting, interior designers and electrical engineering. The team works together with your architects and comes up with various possible creative options. Upon your approval, we go ahead with installation work. What sets us apart is that we focus on aesthetics as well as practicality. All our lighting solutions are designed keeping in mind the mood and ambience desired in a particular room. We also make it a point to employ natural lights near windows and open areas to add to the beauty of the spaces. The Ministry of Lights is also a well-known Lighting Designers in Delhi.

We have worked together with leading pharmaceutical, automobile, Finance, Energy corporates in Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune and designed lighting solutions for their corporate offices. We understand the need for corporates to be responsible in terms of energy efficiency. Hence, our office lighting consultants in Mumbai have created sustainable lighting solutions that include LEDs and solar panels as well. We strive to build Green, energy-efficient buildings. All our lighting solutions are designed keeping in mind the latest standards in terms of efficiency. We have played a key role in building elegant and sophisticated office landscapes as well.

We have also been amongst the leading Lighting Designers in Hyderabad. The TCS-Adibatla Campus in Hyderabad, an SEZ Technopark spread across an area of around 75 acres, has been using lighting solutions from, The Ministry of Lights. TCS-Adibalta Techno Park is one of the most elegant and modern offices in Hyderabad. The fact that we had been selected for providing an all-round lighting solution for Technology Park says it all regarding the quality and impact of our work.

We have also worked with leading corporate houses like Lupin, Mahindra, TCS, HDFC, Bayer, Suzlon, Google, etc in offering lighting solutions for their corporate and regional offices. The fact that these large Indian corporate houses have offered us multiple assignments is a testament to our capability, superior quality designs, and superior customer service. We have won several global awards for office lighting designs.

To know different lighting concepts that can create the right kind of ambience for your offices and enhance productivity, contact us.